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Many clinics offer varying methods to treat the body’s Soft Tissue. We are no exception except that we can offer a highly skilled group of therapists trained in a wide range of techniques.


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Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy has been around for hundreds of years but only more recently, with the development in technology and research, have the benefits really been understood and appreciated.  Here at Mike Jones physiotherapy and rehab clinic, our highly trained therapists use the latest, clinically proven methods and techniques.  With our state of the art facility and equipment, we have all the options to meet your needs and compliment the irreplaceable hands-on approach.

The benefits of hands-on massage are well documented and here we aim to cater for each individual giving them optimum results, whether that is treating chronic pain syndromes, complimenting injury management or maintenance massage, we have a solution for everyone.

We see everyone across the spectrum come through the door and are prepared for them all.  If you are an athlete of any level or are suffering an occupational injury or general day to day aches and pains, we are equipped to help.

Below are some of the techniques we use to achieve the results our patients deserve:

Sports massage 1 hour or 30 minute sessions available (maintenance and mobilise, or relaxation and recovery)

Deep tissue massage (works by physically breaking down adhesions within muscle and its connective tissue to relieve pain and restore normal movement)

Soft tissue release (dynamic soft tissue technique used to specifically target areas of tightness, scar tissues or adhesions within muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments, helping to re-align fibres and release and lengthen tissues)

Deep fibre friction (a deep penetrating method which is used on specific areas of lesion)

PNF/MET stretching (a therapist assisted stretching technique used to improve passive and active range of motion and increase muscle length – benefits are often seen immediately)

Myofascial release (a slow direct release of connective tissues (which may be directly or indirectly contributing to postural or movement dysfunctions) improving flexibility, movement and lessening restrictions)

Joint mobility (mobilization of a joint in either acute or chronic setting to help gain improved mobility and movement)

Soft tissue mobility (applying traction, and torsion vectors to improve mobility between overlying and adjacent connective tissue layers throughout the body)

Trigger point deactivation (a trigger point is an area of hyperactive fibres within fascia and surrounding muscle, often arising without trauma or injury; trigger points cause local and referring pain following a referred pain pattern)

Cryo / thermal therapy (depending on the stage of healing and desired response we use cold and heat modalities)

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (special ergonomically designed tools used to effectively locate and treat fascial restrictions and soft tissue dysfunctions)

Kinesio taping (Watch many sports on TV and you will have seen many athletes wearing an array of coloured tape in lots of different patterns. Kinesiology tape has been shown to be extremely effective in reducing pain, swelling and promoting long-lasting relaxation of tightened muscles or help stimulate and activate inhibited muscles)

Various electro therapies (used in pain management and to accelerate healing)

All of the above are designed to reduce muscle pain and discomfort either acquired through trauma injury, overuse or postural and movement dysfunctions, manifesting in the body’s musculoskeletal system as tightness, weakness and impairment.  It doesn’t matter how or when the problem occurred, you can benefit from soft tissue therapy be it massage or one or a combination of the techniques we offer.

We are a Centre of Excellence, training many healthcare professionals in the use of Kinesiology taping and Fascial therapy.

We have a solution for everyone.


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We have a solution for everyone.



GIFT VOUCHERS are available to purchase

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